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Slavic Keep in Mikulčice

Slavic Keep in Mikulčice

4/30/15, 3:58 PM - 4/30/15

In the 8th and 9th century, a Great Moravian castle with a large estate, enclosed by stone walls, stood on the isles in the meanders of the river Morava. Mikulčice, which used to be called Moravia (grad Morava) back then, or the ancient town Rasticovo, were an important seat of power in Great Moravia and gained renown as a centre of Slavic church architecture. It is here that Constantine the Philosopher and Methodius arrived in 863 and stayed for a while. It is probable that the prince Svatopluk and later Mojmír II spent most of their time here as well. Archaeologists uncovered the foundations of the principate palace here, as well as large burial grounds, remnants of fortified walls, timber bridges and the foundations of twelve stone churches. Among them was a three-nave basilica with vestibule and atrium, so far the largest uncovered Great Moravian temple with its dimensions 36,5 x 12 metres.

A trail circuit with informative panels will take you around the most significant archaeological finds, inside the buildings you can see the preserved foundations of one of the churches and several permanent exhibitions, there is also a visitor’s centre, gallery and lookout.

Other churches and chapels, consecrated to St. Cyril and Methodius, can be found nearby, e.g. in Lužice and Ratíškovice. A stone statue of the saints Cyril and Methodi­us stands on the hill Náklo between Ratíškovice, Dubňany, Vacenovice and Milotice.