About project and organization


Great Moravia, a mighty empire stretching as far as today's Czech Republic, southern parts of Poland, a big part of Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia as well as Italy, is linked to the arrival of the Apostles Cyril and Methodius to our territory. Their mission represents an authentic motive in which resonates the cultural, spiritual and social identity of our country. Nowadays, Cyril and Methodius represent a legible and inspiring marketing brand for cultural tourism development in the territory. They symbolize a route to the roots, basic values of the European civilization and culture, which creates a framework for the prepared product and the presented cultural tourism project.

The core of the presented project rests in the development of partnership and cooperation with our neighbours– regions which were a part of Great Moravia, as a way to joint promotion of cultural tourism in the territory. Our objective is to revive tourism in these regions by exploiting the theme of the pilgrimage of Cyril and Methodius. The location of the Zlín Region at the heart of the Cyril and Methodius legend is ideal for the project management and cooperation coordination with other partners.



1. Promotion of domestic tourism and incoming from selected source markets (Poland, Slovakia, Germany and Austria) aimed at selected target groups and having the form of sustainable tourism focused on cultural topics.

2. Promotion and development of cultural and spiritual heritage, traditions and traditional crafts through the promotion of the selected territory, communities and the attractions they offer.

3. Increasing economic performance in the territory through increased use of tourism infrastructure and services.

4. Development of partnership and active cooperation with regions on the territory where Great Moravia was originally located.



Applicant: Centrála cestovního ruchu Východní Moravy, o.p.s. (The Tourist Information Centre of Eastern Moravia)

Partners: The Tourist Information Centre of South Moravia – a partner with financial contribution; the Moravia-Silesia Region – a partner with financial contribution

Name of the project: Cyril and Methodius, an authentic story of our country

Operational Programme: Integrated Operational Programme

Activity location:   NUTS 2 South-East, Central Moravia, Moravia-Silesia, North-East – Zlín, Olomouc, Moravia-Silesia, South Moravia Regions, Vysočina Region, Pardubice Region

Estimated costs: CZK 22,001,500.00



At the first stage of the project implementation, we will create a tourism product that motivates tourists to visiting the involved regions, specific tourist destinations and events linked to the topic of Great Moravia and the story of Cyril and Methodius. The essence of the product networking all activities will rest in routes that follow in the footsteps of the Apostles. The routes will interlink significant tourist attractions linked by the topic of Great Moravia and the Apostles of the Slavs. Life will be instilled into the project by a whole number of important religious and traditional cultural festivals as well as the more profane folklore and cultural events.

The intention of the prepared product is to raise desire in potential visitors to get to know this region in which they can still see with their own eyes the imprints of times long bygone and experience the genius loci. This will be achieved through marketing communication based on the story. We will use trendy communication methods with the involvement of audio-visual media, social networks, a roadshow, key happening and active public relations.

As part of the comprehensive marketing campaign we will aim not only at the involved regions' territories, but the whole Czech Republic with special emphasis on Prague, as well as at cross-border markets that correspond to the original territory of Great Moravia and markets with a strong tradition of spiritual tourism.



  • tourists interested in cultural and heritage tourism
  • pilgrims
  • the youth/schools
  • seniors


Number of created marketing products for CR - 1

Number of promotional campaigns for products in CR - 1



Marketing product preparation

The product will follow the rules of public support, however, it must at the same time represent a clear thematic incentive for the selected target groups.

A. Marketing product creation

Creation of websites for the product in Czech and English versions. The websites creation will involve first of all registration of a new address and hosting securement, which will be followed by the project websites creation. The portal will be built on a content management system with perfect optimization for browsers in combination with responsive modification for mobile phones. The portal structure will be built on primary requirements of the website visitor. The home page will contain a key graphic visual representing the thematic focus of the product. The website will not contain links to private companies, other web links, clicklinks or URL addresses.

1. Creation of a multimedia application for smart phones and tablets, which is based on the project websites. The application contains map features – a map of the routes included in the product for respective target groups, user location, main tourist destinations and events and other suitable elements, which make the presentation more vivid. We plan to include also a “curiosity” consisting in a simple translator to the Glagolitic script. The application will further include a QR codes reader and a competition for visitors of the tourist sites and events, which form part of the product.

The application will allow connection to social networks. The application will be possible to download in Czech or English. Its distribution will be secured by the possibility of downloading from Android and Apple sources and from the tourism product websites.

2. Creation of two versions of a promotional brochure for spring and autumn 2015. The brochure will contain the product description for the key target groups: tourists, pilgrims, the youth/schools, seniors. It will contain high-quality pictures and short texts of legends and inserted texts. The brochure will focus on the promotion of 50 attractions interlinked by the Great Moravia elements and the story of Cyril and Methodius. It will be executed in 4 language versions (Czech, Polish, German and English). Two different versions of the brochure will be created to ensure efficient and effective communication. The versions will differ in the specification of attractions which the visitor is to visit first after obtaining the brochure. The spring version of the brochure will show summer pictures of the attractions and target groups (such as children in shorts etc.) and pinpoint the best tips for summer visits. "Open air" attractions which are best to visit in the summer months. The autumn version of the brochure will show winter pictures and again will pinpoint the best tips for winter visits out of about 50 attractions, i.e. attractions suitable to visit when the weather is bad or cold (museums etc.). The brochures always contain all promoted attractions and information for all set target groups. It is for sake of efficient use of the funds, when each paid hit of an individual from the target group must always contain all key information.

The following parameters are planned for the print purposes: format A5, number of pages 12 + 4 (cover pages), 250g cover pages and 170g inside pages, matt art paper. A map will be stapled in the middle of the brochure, which can be unfolded to A3 format sheet. The map will be drawn by a creative graphic designer who will also draw in the attractions. Finish: blind finishing, shape cut, partial varnishing. The brochure will be executed also in electronic form (on-line leaf-through brochure) as required for the brochure posting on the product websites.

3. Luxury book “Cyril and Methodius, an authentic story of our country” in 4 language versions with mandatory logos in corresponding language versions (Czech 350 pcs, Polish 50 pcs, German 50 pcs, English 50 pcs), 500 pcs in total. Special emphasis will be placed on attractive look and feel of the book, which is to motivate potential visitors to visit the individual places of interest linked to the pilgrimage of Cyril and Methodius and Great Moravia.

The following parameters are planned for the print purposes: Format 250mm x 210mm landscape, approximately 60 pages, the cover will be executed using a handmade book binding process, blind finishing (relief shapes). The book inside pages will be on graphic paper. The book will have a paper jacket displaying mandatory logos.

The books will be distributed at the roadshow (see below) and thereafter the books will be available in TICs, local community libraries and school libraries and at the sites included in the product; the books will also be presented to winners of a contest for visitors of the sites. The book will be published also online and available through the product websites.

40 pcs of the books will be distributed at the roadshow by handing out their copies to ICs.

The other language versions will be distributed according to the same pattern.

A certain number of the books both the Czech version, and the other language versions is intended to be presented as gifts during exhibitions, press trips and other events promoting East Moravia.

4. A set of postcards with the theme of Cyril and Methodius/Great Moravia. 

DL landscape format postcards will display motives linked to the pilgrimage of Cyril and Methodius or Great Moravia; the reverse side will include the usual information included in a postcard and a schematic small map of involved tourist destinations and the mandatory publicity. They will have an attractive look making the potential visitors interested and attracted and raising desire in them to visit the place shown. The postcards sent by visitors of the tourist sites are also intended to motivate the postcard recipients to visiting the sites forming part of the product.

The following parameters are planned for the print purposes: Postcard cardboard 300g, DL landscape format, print 4/1 partial varnishing, blind finishing and direct colours. The postcards will have a high-quality look and feel.

The postcards are intended for distribution at the roadshow and tourism and travel fairs and exhibitions and at the involved tourist attractions.


B. Implementation of the marketing campaign for the product promotion

  • Detailed scenario of the roadshow, preparation of a comprehensive implementation plan for the marketing campaign.
  • 40 events of the main roadshow accompanied by a programme will be held from April to October 2015.

1. Basic roadshow scenario

The roadshow will be an acted mission of Cyril and Methodius who will be accompanied by merchants, musicians, scientists, clergymen, craftsmen and farmers of their era in period costumes. Representatives of the contractor and project implementator will also participate in the roadshow. This crew will visit selected municipalities, important attractions and other suitable places, where it will deliver the mission to representatives of the places (luxury book) and entertain the people during a fair at the square (tasting of local products from the 4 involved NUTS, distribution of promotional brochures and postcards, provisions of information about the product and individual tourist attractions and events forming part of the product; tourists will be invited to visit the attractions and routes in the footsteps of Cyril and Methodius and Great Moravia; entertaining programme – music, sketches, theatrical performances with thematic focus on the Great Moravia era and the story of the Apostles).  The aim of the roadshow is to address potential visitors, invite them to visiting the tourist attractions and events forming part of the product, plus it has a potential to attract also local journalists and media who will ensure further media coverage of the tourism product.

The roadshow will arrive to selected locations during the time of holding of fairs or other cultural/social events, at which sufficient audience will be gathered. The roadshow is expected to take place at squares or other suitable places allowing a good view of the roadshow. The crew, in reduced size, will visit also local schools in the morning hours with an invitation for the afternoon programme (not on Saturdays and Sundays). Each stop in the given location will be supported by a media and PR promotion before the event holding: PR in local media, townhall journals, leaflets and posters. Abundant audio-visual records will be taken at each stop.

The roadshow will be held at a total of 40 places from April to October 2015. The mission will take place in the 4 involved NUTS, in Prague, South Bohemia, Poland (Katowice, Krakow), Slovakia (Bratislava, Nitra) and Austria (Vienna).

Elements from preceding roadshows will be used during the final event, which will be accompanied by an audio-visual programme – recordings from individual presentations and greetings by representatives of individual towns and tourist destinations forming part of the product. The roadshow will arrive to the Days of the People of Goodwill and will present, preferably in the local Information Centre or another appropriate place, the audio-video recordings of greetings from the main roadshow – messages collected throughout Great Moravia, greetings to visitors of the Days of the People of Goodwill coming from the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Slovakia and Germany. The recorded presentation will be shown on the screen.

Final event - the last roadshow – is planned at the Slavic fortified settlement in Mikulčice.

2. School roadshow

in cooperation with schools involved in the project in respective regions. The aim of this roadshow is to present the tourism product and routes and invite families to visit the places and follow the routes through their children.  Illustrating the Cyril and Methodius tradition and Great Moravia heritage through a presentation of what they can still experience and see with their own eyes at the sites.  A 45 minute show with songs, narration, sketches and quizzes linked to the sites forming a part of the product. The show will take place in 4 NUTS. It will be held in a total of 35 places. The places are identical with the places of the main roadshow in the Czech Republic. Other selected schools will receive the product brochure by post.

C. The media communication campaign has two parts.

1. The first part is designed to promote the main roadshow.  The PR set for the roadshow promotion will include 100 pcs of a A5 leaflet for sampling at selected places recommended by the local IC. The leaflets will be handed out to the target group of potential visitors. The place of their distribution will be the IC, places recommended by the IC (such as the local gallery, museum etc.). The set will further include 50 pcs of posters for local posting and advertising in regional (townhall) journals having the format of at least 1/4 of a page in the respective periodical. The set is to promote each stop of the roadshow, including stops abroad. Another tool aimed at informing and inviting the target groups to visit the prepared roadshow at the given location is a mobile free-standing advertising panel (without a need of anchoring and securing it against fall - the so-called communication totem). The panel will contain information about the prepared event including the date and mandatory publicity. The panel will have the following parameters: height 2300 mm, the totem structure will be based upon a triangular base. A space for the advertising panel placement needs to be available for 1 week.

2. The second part is a mass-media campaign promoting the product. This part of the campaign is designed for the local market. The following forms of promotion will be used:

  • Thematic supplements to magazines and newspapers – see the above-mentioned inserts in thematically appropriate periodicals.
  • Electronic media (Youtube – recordings from the main roadshow, social media, fun pages); recordings from the main roadshow will be available at and promoted via Youtube and Facebook.
  • The main mass-medium targeting a substantial part of the target groups is the public transport – TRAM, TROLLEYBUS: in the regional cities of Pardubice, Ostrava, Brno, Olomouc, Zlín and the City of Prague, a tram set will be used (2 joined carriages), or a separate carriage or a trolleybus (Zlín). Full vehicle wrap will be used on the tram or trolleybus for the duration of the main roadshow. The roadshow will be promoted in the cities also inside the tram through banners, i.e. A3 leaflets placed in the carriages (their number varies depending on the carriage type, usually 6 to 12 pcs), handy media, i.e. plastic handles suspended on the bars under the carriage ceiling and used by passengers for holding and allowing advertising placement. The campaign emphasis will be on strong visual appeal, which applies to all promotional material used. The strong visual appeal will be achieved through using Byzantine elements, motives and colours evoking the atmosphere of a stained glass window. Images of faces of the brothers will be used accompanied by a slogan inviting the target groups to discovering a new way of spending their holiday. The theme displayed large scale on the trams, executed on high-quality foils will be very impressive; this medium will ensure big interest in and promotion of the activity. The aim is to attract attention to the new theme, step out of the greyness using an interesting and efficient medium (mobile advertising is 14x more efficient than static advertising) and address masses of potential users of the new tourism product.

3. During the main tourist season, the product will be promoted by a competition for visitors of the tourist sites linked to the theme of Cyril and Methodius and Great Moravia held on the websites and Facebook. The competition will motivate the visitors to visiting a series of the tourist attractions forming a part of the project; the competition winners will be awarded the luxury book (see above).

4. The opening nights will be also promoted through PR of journalists who attended the roadshow.

5. After the product promotion is finished, the exhibition may be displayed at the respective tourist attractions forming a part of the product, and continue to present a comprehensive output.